Tuesday, July 26, 2016

26 July 2016

Life is amazing here! Fear not. We are fed so well always. The people here are more open minded than anywhere else I've been. It's awesome. We had a bad week this week and only got about 23 lessons but this week is off 100% we had 6 Sunday afternoon before the assistants called for the numbers and all and hope to end the week with 40-50. Thanks for helping the missionaries back home so much. They appreciate it so much! Every once in a while we knock a door or talk to someone from the states and usually they are super closed and shove us away as fast as they can. It really makes me admire the testimony and strength of those who work with people like that every day. Here at least once a day we talk to some one and before we can even say we are missionaries they tell us to come in. I love working here and will keep it up for sure!
I'm super excited to go to the temple in a month or so. It'll probably be my last time in Mexico I can go.

PS, love the painting

Today at Flavios )the restaurant the less active owns) I had garlic octopus and shrimp quesadillas and a coconut encrusted shrimp. You'd love the food there I bet.

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